I am a Personal Achievement and Life Management Coach based in Benfleet in Essex. I work with all types of individuals in every walk of life, from parents to sports people to business executives, helping them to take control of their lives and achieve their goals. Working one-to-one with you, I will help you eliminate limiting beliefs and habits, to enable you to live the life you deserve.

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"There has never been a greater need in history for
human beings to take back control of their lives."

Howard Sellick

Personal Achievement and Life Management Coaching

With all the demands, challenges and obstacles life seems to put in our way, we could all use a coach to help us overcome these issues and put us back in control of our lives.

We all have an area, or several areas in our lives that we want to improve or change. We all have within us the abilities and skills to make these changes and create a happy and fulfilling life, the problem is we're not sure how to go about it. A coach will help you get started and keep you on track to make these life enhancing improvements.

Personal Achievement and Life Management Coaching by Action for Living helps by working with you to design a life on your terms. We find out what you want, we don't tell you what you need.

We will give you the strategies, techniques and support systems required to get you on course and help you to follow through on the achievement of your goals. By utilising simple and effective life enhancing techniques, you will be able to reach your true potential.



Meeting you today was just brilliant. Thank you for your time, support, direction, enthusiasm and just brilliant - ness (if that is ever a word). I could listen and talk about all this for hours. It was great to see you so passionate and enthusiastic about what you do.
It certainty has been a life changing moment for sure for me. It was very much a very cathartic experience. I have never had ever the fortunate opportunity before to talk so openly about all these sorts of things , that have been inside for such a long time, years? - so directly and openly.
Thank you so so, so, so much, I have really appreciated it.

Regards A
I’m glad I contacted and visited Howard. His approach to life really lifted me, his voice his attitude. Being able to listen to somebody so positive and set your own goals. I did Howard’s 5-4-3-2-1 ‘get up’ method and sprang out of bed, I’ve even started walking again in the mornings. A genuine nice man with many skills, lots of energy and a great coach who knows his stuff.
I am grateful for his time and direction I will not forget him or his kindness.
Thank you Howard, you’re a star. I will succeed thanks to you.

After realising I needed a personal “MOT” I decided to contact a life coach. I found a local company Action for Living and booked a 2-hour session with Howard.
To be honest I wasn’t expecting the results to take effect as quickly as they did. You leave Howard feeling you have a new direction and it’s the little simple techniques he teaches you that make the biggest changes.
But what makes him different to other “life coaches” I have seen is the follow up. Firstly, you receive an email detailing what has been spoken about and the actions he has set out for you within 2 hours of your first meeting.
But what really sets him apart from the rest has been the 2 motivational follow up videos he has sent to me this week.
I now have him in my phone as “coach” and the offer of being able to give him a call if you waver from the plan he has set me is a reassuring aspect.
Highly recommend Action for Living and also to start with a 2 hour meeting.
Thank you



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