I am a Personal Achievement and Life Management Coach based in Benfleet in Essex. I work with all types of individuals in every walk of life, from parents to sports people to business executives, helping them to take control of their lives and achieve their goals. Working one-to-one with you, I will help you eliminate limiting beliefs and habits, to enable you to live the life you deserve.

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"There has never been a greater need in history for
human beings to take back control of their lives."

Howard Sellick

Personal Achievement and Life Management Coaching

With all the demands, challenges and obstacles life seems to put in our way, we could all use a coach to help us overcome these issues and put us back in control of our lives.

We all have an area, or several areas in our lives that we want to improve or change. We all have within us the abilities and skills to make these changes and create a happy and fulfilling life, the problem is we're not sure how to go about it. A coach will help you get started and keep you on track to make these life enhancing improvements.

Personal Achievement and Life Management Coaching by Action for Living helps by working with you to design a life on your terms. We find out what you want, we don't tell you what you need.

We will give you the strategies, techniques and support systems required to get you on course and help you to follow through on the achievement of your goals. By utilising simple and effective life enhancing techniques, you will be able to reach your true potential.



I was introduced to Howard when I was pretty near rock bottom. After two very stressful years at work combined with the pandemic and major dental work the small amount of self confidence and self esteem I previously had had left me.

I have to admit I was skeptical beforehand as to what Howard would be able to do for me. From opening his door he put me totally at ease. First and foremost I found Howard to be an amazing listener. To be able to open up to a complete stranger was incredibly cathartic.

Over the next few months Howard helped me find myself and gave me strategies to deal with people and situations. I am now happily retired. If I hit a stressful situation I just ask myself what would Howard say/suggest.

After a successful career in sales over 20 years, my motivation had let's say 'dwindled' over the last few years. 

I was recommended to Howard by a friend who promised me he would get me back my mojo !   Howard's approach is unique, he gets you out at 7am in nature for what he calls a "walk and talk session". This combination is just amazing as it gets you talking about your goals while also changing your environment. I started a new job whilst under Howard's guidance and have smashed my targets ?? 2 months running and in the process have broken company records.   What separates Howard, and anyone that knows him will agree , he cares. He isn't doing it for the money, he does it to change people's lives.  He certainly changed mine.

Thanks Coach!
4 months ago, I was at a crossroads with my career path. Being a Professional Footballer, there were elements of my job at the time that I loved, but it was a job that involved performing which just wasn't for me. I wanted to use my knowledge in goalkeeping to really help others in becoming the best they can be. It was at this point that my girlfriend suggested I seek a life coach to help with my dilemma which is where I came across Howard. After initially speaking with Howard and finding out he knew who I was, I must admit I was a bit sceptical as it would have been easy for him to just say he could help me enjoy performing again. Within our first session he acknowledged that I had an underlying need to help other people and really helped me come to terms with making such a life changing decision. He helped me to realise what path I wanted to take once I had made the decision and I have gone on to set up 2 different businesses within goalkeeping to help others. If I wasn't for Howard, I would still be in the same job feeling stuck and knowing there was a lot more I wanted to do with my life. There were days where it was overwhelming for a brief moment, but Howard has always taken his job way past the 1 to 1 session's and would be in regular contact to ensure I was doing all I can to stay positive and move forward. Howard himself is the most positive, enthusiastic person that I have met, and lives his own life everyday striving to be the best person he can be. His positivity is infectious, and I believe it will rub off on anyone in his presence. Not only has Howard helped me to set off on a path to go out and be who I want to be, I feel like I have gained a lifelong friendship.
If there is anyone out there who feels like they need a little guidance in life, I couldn't recommend Howard enough!

Ted Smith
I will forever be grateful for the partnership Howard and I have, and how it has enabled me to embrace life and new career opportunities. Howard's positivity and passion for life is contagious and, with the support of practical tools and techniques, he has supported me to enrich my career, health and relationships. Howard goes above and beyond. He listens attentively, and without judgement, gently challenges me to ensure I'm clear on my purpose and 'why'. He challenges self-imposed limiting beliefs and we set appropriately stretching goals. He encourages me to deliver; celebrating success no matter how big or small the 'win'. With a new found personal confidence, clarity of my career, and a reinvigorated zest for life, I'm ready to show the world the best of me every day.
Thank-you Howard for your professionalism, passion and most importantly, kindness and care. Long may our partnership continue!

Regards LM
Howard's enthusiasm and energy are contagious and I've thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions. He is also a very good listener and pays close attention. Then he applies his many coaching tactics and strategies to quickly get to the heart of what's required to help one move forwards, onwards and upwards! Having felt 'stuck' with a lack of motivation (and lots to do), I particularly benefitted from the goal-setting exercises as, having avoided these in the past, it turns out they are really useful. He is well read in his discipline and suggests excellent books for further enlightenment. I highly recommend Howard for coaching.
Kindest Regards Ann