bioAfter leaving school in 1984 with nothing more than a few low-grades, I spent the next 10 years in Sports Retail, then a year at a Stock Brokers before embarking on a career within recruitment for the past 20 plus years.

During my time in the industry it became more and more evident that my strength and passion laid within candidate coaching, giving direction and guidance to help them to perform at their best when meeting with clients to discuss a work opportunity.

Around seventeen years ago I watched a late night ‘infommercial’ featuring the American Personal Achievement Coach Anthony Robbins. Whilst watching this advert I was ‘sold’ on what he said and how he said it, and promptly ordered his CD’s. Since that time, I have utilised the skills I learned from listening to these CD’s and numerous others. Over the last seventeen years I have spent thousands of hours working with candidates on confidence and interviewing skills. It has been this work that has led me to where I am now in my life. The rest, as they say, is history……….

What qualifies me to coach you?

Jump in a time machine and take a look at how I used to be. I’ve been the chronically shy and unconfident person. I’ve been the person who blamed circumstances for my failings. I’ve been the person whose life wasn’t working-out. I’ve been the person with no goals, aspirations or direction in life. I’ve been the very overweight person. I’ve lived everything I teach, I’ve made the changes and I’ve learned from the best in the business.

Earl Nightingale who was known as 'The Dean of Personal Development' said 'If you study any subject for 10 thousand hours you'll become an expert'. At the last calculation, I'm up to 27 thousand hours, so I'm confident I can help and create solutions to most challenges.

I’ve been happily married now for over 27 years and have three beautiful children. I was the Founder and Managing Director of Staffing Solutions (UK) Ltd, a recruitment business established in September 2002 which serviced the construction and related sectors. Outside of work I am a proud Member of S.E.A.T. an Essex based multi-academy trust.

I am passionate about health, fitness and nutrition and I'm always keen to spread the word about the huge health benefits of lifting heavy weights and eating a low carbohydrate/ketogenic style diet.