I was introduced to Howard when I was pretty near rock bottom. After two very stressful years at work combined with the pandemic and major dental work the small amount of self confidence and self esteem I previously had had left me.

I have to admit I was skeptical beforehand as to what Howard would be able to do for me. From opening his door he put me totally at ease. First and foremost I found Howard to be an amazing listener. To be able to open up to a complete stranger was incredibly cathartic.

Over the next few months Howard helped me find myself and gave me strategies to deal with people and situations. I am now happily retired. If I hit a stressful situation I just ask myself what would Howard say/suggest.

After a successful career in sales over 20 years, my motivation had let's say 'dwindled' over the last few years. 

I was recommended to Howard by a friend who promised me he would get me back my mojo! Howard's approach is unique, he gets you out at 7am in nature for what he calls a "walk and talk session". This combination is just amazing as it gets you talking about your goals while also changing your environment. I started a new job whilst under Howard's guidance and have smashed my targets 2 months running and in the process have broken company records. What separates Howard, and anyone that knows him will agree, he cares. He isn't doing it for the money, he does it to change people's lives. He certainly changed mine.

Thanks Coach!
4 months ago, I was at a crossroads with my career path. Being a Professional Footballer, there were elements of my job at the time that I loved, but it was a job that involved performing which just wasn't for me. I wanted to use my knowledge in goalkeeping to really help others in becoming the best they can be. It was at this point that my girlfriend suggested I seek a life coach to help with my dilemma which is where I came across Howard. After initially speaking with Howard and finding out he knew who I was, I must admit I was a bit sceptical as it would have been easy for him to just say he could help me enjoy performing again. Within our first session he acknowledged that I had an underlying need to help other people and really helped me come to terms with making such a life changing decision. He helped me to realise what path I wanted to take once I had made the decision and I have gone on to set up 2 different businesses within goalkeeping to help others. If I wasn't for Howard, I would still be in the same job feeling stuck and knowing there was a lot more I wanted to do with my life. There were days where it was overwhelming for a brief moment, but Howard has always taken his job way past the 1 to 1 session's and would be in regular contact to ensure I was doing all I can to stay positive and move forward. Howard himself is the most positive, enthusiastic person that I have met, and lives his own life everyday striving to be the best person he can be. His positivity is infectious, and I believe it will rub off on anyone in his presence. Not only has Howard helped me to set off on a path to go out and be who I want to be, I feel like I have gained a lifelong friendship.

If there is anyone out there who feels like they need a little guidance in life, I couldn't recommend Howard enough!

Ted Smith
I will forever be grateful for the partnership Howard and I have, and how it has enabled me to embrace life and new career opportunities. Howard's positivity and passion for life is contagious and, with the support of practical tools and techniques, he has supported me to enrich my career, health and relationships. Howard goes above and beyond. He listens attentively, and without judgement, gently challenges me to ensure I'm clear on my purpose and 'why'. He challenges self-imposed limiting beliefs and we set appropriately stretching goals. He encourages me to deliver; celebrating success no matter how big or small the 'win'. With a new found personal confidence, clarity of my career, and a reinvigorated zest for life, I'm ready to show the world the best of me every day.

Thank-you Howard for your professionalism, passion and most importantly, kindness and care. Long may our partnership continue!

Regards LM
Howard's enthusiasm and energy are contagious and I've thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions. He is also a very good listener and pays close attention. Then he applies his many coaching tactics and strategies to quickly get to the heart of what's required to help one move forwards, onwards and upwards! Having felt 'stuck' with a lack of motivation (and lots to do), I particularly benefitted from the goal-setting exercises as, having avoided these in the past, it turns out they are really useful. He is well read in his discipline and suggests excellent books for further enlightenment.

I highly recommend Howard for coaching.

Kindest Regards Ann
Hi Howard, I have been meaning to text you for ages but life just takes over. I just wanted to thank you for giving me back my amazing, HAPPY, no more tears and no more "anxiety attack's" daughter. You met with her earlier this year and without doubt you have helped so much. Keep up the good work because you have changed our lives.

Thank you so much.

JP- A very happy mum!
Thank you for your time, support, direction, enthusiasm and just brilliant - ness (if that is ever a word). I could listen and talk about all this for hours. It was great to see you so passionate and enthusiastic about what you do.
It certainty has been a life changing moment for sure for me. It was very much a very cathartic experience. I have never had ever the fortunate opportunity before to talk so openly about all these sorts of things , that have been inside for such a long time, years? - so directly and openly.

Thank you so so, so, so much, I have really appreciated it.

Regards A
I'm glad I contacted and visited Howard. His approach to life really lifted me, his voice his attitude. Being able to listen to somebody so positive and set your own goals. I did Howard's 5-4-3-2-1 'get up' method and sprang out of bed, I've even started walking again in the mornings. A genuine nice man with many skills, lots of energy and a great coach who knows his stuff.
I am grateful for his time and direction I will not forget him or his kindness.
Thank you Howard, you're a star. I will succeed thanks to you.

After realising I needed a personal "MOT" I decided to contact a life coach. I found a local company Action for Living and booked a 2-hour session with Howard.
To be honest I wasn't expecting the results to take effect as quickly as they did. You leave Howard feeling you have a new direction and it's the little simple techniques he teaches you that make the biggest changes.
But what makes him different to other "life coaches" I have seen is the follow up. Firstly, you receive an email detailing what has been spoken about and the actions he has set out for you within 2 hours of your first meeting.
But what really sets him apart from the rest has been the 2 motivational follow up videos he has sent to me this week.
I now have him in my phone as "coach" and the offer of being able to give him a call if you waver from the plan he has set me is a reassuring aspect.
Highly recommend Action for Living and also to start with a 2 hour meeting.
Thank you

Howard is not an average coach. When he coached me, he made my life his life. He knew what I needed to help me stay focused and ensured that I followed through, there was no option for failure! He wasn't going to let that happen to me. Not only did he coach me on how to move my business forward but he has a holistic approach and helped me get the other areas of my life straight – health, relationships and having more "me time".
With Howard, you are going to get results, because he has been there and done it and is a living example of self discipline and "owning it". I love his approach as he is firm and makes it happen, but also compassionate and understanding! Thank you Howard for helping me raise my game and taking me to the next level of my life!

"I was pointed in Howard's direction by a friend of mine who has known him for several years. My life wasn't going according to plan, not that I had a definite plan more of a vague thought process of what I should be doing. I had been made redundant from a long term position and was adrift. The time I spent with Howard proved to be exactly what I needed, I believe he had such a positive effect on my mental wellbeing. Howard's texts, emails and messages on LinkedIn helped reinforce the momentum started in our session. Overall I just want to say thanks for the support and kick I needed."
Susanne F
"Howard has masses of energy, positivity and ideas to get you going in the direction you want to go to meet and surpass the goals you set for yourself. He gave me the kick in the backside I needed. Thanks again for your help."
Matt Stables – PGA Professional
"Howard is a truly inspiring person. I decided I needed some help when I was feeling lost about my next steps in life. I didn't want to go to a 'professional' who would dig deep into my childhood to find where the problem lay, I just wanted a listening ear, some good advice and an action plan. Howard gave me all of that and more! I walked away from a 2 hour session with Howard feeling enthusiastic! Since then, I have had more clarity about what I want and how to get it! Thanks so much Howard!"
Laura P
"I was unsure as to what to expect, as I had been recommended to Howard by a close friend of mine. The time that I had with him I found to be exceptionally helpful and for which I cannot thank him enough. His practical advice, simple memorable techniques, inspiration, and most of all motivation were just simply fantastic. You leave with all that you need to achieve your goal, inspired and self motivated. I would highly recommend spending time with Howard as he will certainly enable you to achieve your goals."
Marion P
"I had an upcoming job interview with a panel of psychologists and I was petrified! I was recommended to get in touch with Howard for some confidence-boosting and interview techniques, and I'm really glad I listened to the recommendation because Howard was so helpful!
My session with Howard helped a lot, and I came out of the session feeling a lot more confident and having gained lots of little interview tips. I am pleased to say I had the interview and I got offered the job! Thanks Howard! I will definitely recommend you."

"I am extremely grateful to have been introduced to Howard to help me prepare for an audition. Not only were his straight talking methods excellent, I found his energy and passion towards the love of life really infectious. It's made me take a serious look at my life and ask the questions I'm sure most of us forget to ask ourselves, 'what do we want from our lives?'.

I truly believe-despite only working with Howard for 2 sessions, no-one has had such a positive impact on my life, so I thank you. The energy levels I felt when I left our last session were so amazing, I felt so pumped that I could have addressed Parliament, and this is coming from someone who is NOT a confident public speaker."

Thank you so much Howard

"I went to see Howard when I was feeling a bit despondent about how my life was going and frustrated at the lack of direction. Seeing Howard for a 2 hours session has literally turned things around. Howard ignited all the flames again for my passion of life and success and energy to dream big. He has an enormous energy and you can't help but be lifted. His daily reinforcements through Twitter and LinkedIn have really helped to keep the momentum going and harness some self-motivation for change and progress.

If you need to be woken up from your slumber Howard is the man to do it!

Howard, I just wanted to say thanks. That coaching session with you has literally turned things around for me. I remember now what it's like to dream and be positive.
I think I almost had forgotten!"

Aisha S.
"Howard is about the most positive business person I know and with good cause. He's an expert in his field, knows how to get consistently great results and is as reliable as they come.

Don't use poor imitations - use Howard, because he's the best out there"

Lucas Vigilante - Director of Action Coach
"Dear Howard. Thank you for your time and immense help at our recent coaching session. I came away feeling much more confident and that I had something to offer, as previously I had been stuck in a rut. It was of great value to me especially as I have now gone on to find part time PA work which is very suitable at the moment. Your suggestions and ideas stuck in my mind when I made myself known to my employer. Everything you said made perfect sense and I also learnt that you were right when you said, you cant cry if you look up ;-)

Thank you again, so much.
Take care, Audrey H

"Coaching with Howard has been great! He is an intuitive and creative coach who cares about his clients and shows it in his listening and questioning. He is also warm and humorous and makes it fun! Through our session, he made me regain conviction over the right direction for my career and made me want to take action on this. I have been dissatisfied for quite a while with my work life and a number of other areas in life and felt recently almost burnt out but he helped me put things in perspective and realise I am confident in ways I tended to forget. It made me think "outside the box". Coaching is about moving forward, about making something happen and shows you have everything needed to make the changes you want. It's all about action and that's what differentiates coaching from therapy. Howard can help you figure out where you want to go, make a plan of how to get there, and begin. From only one session I have gained clearer focus and motivation. Howard has really challenged me and allowed me to take a good look at what I want and how I will achieve it and I loved the way he supported and encouraged me through his accurate listening and feedback skills. My mood and motivation have been on the up after our conversation. He renewed my confidence that all the obstacles and dips in the road can be overcome. The important things is not to let them weigh you down for too long and to also celebrate your successes along the way. Thank you Howard!"
"Action for Living has provided me with great guidance and advice during our discussions. Their insight and experience proving invaluable in helping me understand how to move forward in my chosen career path. Would highly recommend using this company as they are helpful, detailed and enthusiastic about helping individuals further themselves through coaching and guidance."
Miles Byrd
"Howard has been instrumental in helping me re-evaluate my daily training and nutritional regimes, which in turn has contributed to me losing one and a half stone in roughly 5 months. Because of his advice I now feel I am a much more focused, determined (and leaner!) individual."
Scott Faulkner-Sales Executive, Valbury Capital Ltd

I approached Howard for some personal development and life coaching to help me to make some much needed life changes and assistance in working towards both my personal and professional goals.

Although I have been reasonably successful in the past I'd reached a plateau. Howard has an enthusiastic and down to earth approach and he gave me the tools and the confidence to get rid of the things in my life that no longer served me and helped me to create a plan for moving forward.

Following an initial coaching session I have received ongoing support from Howard which has been invaluable in helping me to make the necessary changes and get to where I want to be.

I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Howard and Action for Living for both personal and professional coaching.

Caroline G.

Fantastic news about your life coaching business, Action for Living. I know from personal experience, that you have a passion and skill for helping people reach their full potential at whatever they want to do.

When I wanted to climb Mount Kilimanjaro at the age of 54, a lot friends and work colleagues thought I was mad. However I remember how excited and enthusiastic you were for me when I told you. I remember you telling me how all great victories are first won 'in the mind', that really inspired me.

I often think about when I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and the moment I reached the summit. However, what I've never told you is, your helping me to prepare mentally for the challenge along with the training runs we did was such a key factor in my achieving the goal.

What I didn't know at the time was, how life changing this was going to be for me. As you know, since I 'came down from that mountain' I've not stopped training and, among other things, have run over ten half marathons and two marathons, you see Howard, your enthusiasm is infectious.

Thanks again for all your help and advice, and if anyone wants to know what you're like, please ask them to contact me, it would be a pleasure to tell them about you.

All the very best

"Howard not only excels in helping you achieve your personal and professional goals, but in helping you rediscover your passion so that you can go above and beyond what you initially sought his help for. Howard's enthusiastic yet focused methods will assist you in your life - no matter what your goal!"
Natasha Marsh – Marketing Consultant

Dear Howard
I just wanted to write to you to thank you very much for all of the coaching you have provided to Crown Vocational Training's Apprenticeship learners in the past and also all of the support you have given recently to Sue and our Level 1 Business Administration Study Programme learners.

The learners have told us that you have given them all a great deal of support in helping build their confidence and making them more ready for the world of employment. Sue and some of the students had the following comments to make:

"Howard really helped me feel more confident about working hard for the things that I want to achieve in the workplace. He made me feel good about myself and what I can offer an employer"
Sasha Bentley

"Although I have an idea of my future career and how to get there, I believe Howard covered this with me and gave me a very motivating and inspiring outlook on how to do this"
Yasmin McGeoch

"Howard has been a breath of fresh air to my learners, enabling them to look at presenting themselves from a different perspective. He has introduced them to the nuances that will give them the edge to stand out. Inspiring!"
Sue Pascazio, Study Programme Tutor

We really appreciate all of the enthusiasm and fresh ideas that you bring with you to college and we shall look forward to seeing you again soon in the new academic year.

Kindest regards
Elaine Wardrop
Crown Vocational Training