Ditch the news!

Most people you know or meet, appear extremely overwhelmed with their lives, why is this? I strongly believe that 95% of people get suckered into all the crap and misery that the media reports 24/7 365 a year. This leaves them feeling totally out of control, distressed and believing the future's not a very nice thing.

Let me tell you this and it's coming from my own personal experience, if you seriously want to get back into control of your life and stop being an uptight grumpy serious bastard, you must must must ditch the 'news' completely. No more radio news, no more newspapers and certainly no more tv or internet news.

99% of the news reported daily has absolutely no bearing on your life and is truly detrimental to your future. I gave up the news 2 years ago after watching a Darren Hardy YouTube clip and i've never been more healthier wealthier or happier than i am now.

Please please, ditch the mindset that the news keeps you informed, it doesn't that's pure bullshit.

The news is there to scare and control you, to put fear in your heart and soul Every day the news channels search for the most nasty gory miserable stories possible and blurt them out every few seconds.

Ask yourself this: Would you allow someone to sit in your lounge and talk to your kids about murders, shootings, rapes, killings, terrorist attacks, paedophiles, drugs and sexual abuse cases? Of course not! So why why why, do you allow yourself to absorb this stuff and poison your mind?

Start today on a mental cleanse, ditch the media for a week, yes a whole 7 days and just see how much more free you feel. Your pulse rate and blood pressure with go down and soon you'll feel so in control of your life like never before.