My Morning Ritual

Holy sh*t! It's been so long since I did my last blog! Sorry! J

I am always asked during my coaching sessions how I start my day, so I thought I’d share with you my 7 days a week morning ritual (nope, i never take a day off, not even when I’m on holiday).

  • At 5.40am my iPhone alert goes off. I immediately put a big smile on my face and jump out of bed!
  • I take-in several large breaths to oxygenate my system as I put on my work-out clothes
  • Then it's downstairs into the kitchen where I drink down a pint of water to get my body hydrated
  • I put on my iPad and play an inspirational audio book or video clip usually by one of the world’s top high performance coaches
  • Next it's on with the kettle and I’ll put 5 spoonfuls of mild roast coffee into a cup along with some water and one teaspoon of pure virgin coconut oil
  • Then i go to my gym, grab my Swiss-ball and return to the kitchen where I’ll sit bouncing on the ball OR jog on the spot until the kettle boils. This gets my heart rate up and gets the blood flowing
  • Once the kettle boils, I’ll sit on the Swiss ball and quickly drink down my cup of coffee. It's caffeine overload at its best, but it's great to kick start the system and get the fat burning process going
  • Then i get two ten pound dumbbells , sit back on my Swiss ball and for 6-7 minutes bang-out various movements. First off it's 80 Twisting sit ups, then it's curl and presses, twisting shoulder presses, bent over rows and laterals and two handed curls where i alternate raising my left and right foot off the floor for each rep.
  • After 6-7 minutes, i will down a whey protein shake (1.5 scoops) in water which gives me 30 grams of protein.
  • Next i grab a pad and pen, sit back on the ball and write out my goals
  • Straight after that it's another 5 or so minutes of various dumbell movements done on the Swiss ball
  • Next it's into my gym where I’ll bang out 6-7 reps of close-grip chin-ups followed immediately after with 6-7 reps of incline bench press with 160lbs. Now i am ready to rock and roll!
  • Then it's on with my trainers and I’m out the house for 15-20 minutes doing a combination of walking and running whilst utilising a very specific breath pattern where i inhale four times then exhale four times. It's during this time i do my mind programming ritual which is a combination of powerful affirmations/incantations. Then i think of all the things I am grateful for, followed by all the great things i want to happen in my life. This type of mind programming helps to set me up to have a great day-every day
  • Once i'm back home, I make my son his breakfast, then I’m back into the gym for 25-30 minutes of heavy weight training, finishing with a few maximum sprints on the exercise bike at its highest resistance.
  • To end the ritual, i go back outside for a 10-15 minute walk where i once again practice my four-four breathing pattern while doing incantations.
  • Once i’m back home it’s time to get ready for work

Knowing the above, is it any surprise i'm such a freak?