Sleeping the weekend away

For some strange reason so many people insist on laying in bed for hours-on-end over the weekends, telling themselves 'I deserve a few extra hours in bed'.

I find this mindset and action (or lack of action) extremely weird, as it adds no benefit to your life whatsoever.

Human beings sleep way-too much anyway, as they've been brainwashed to believe we need at least 8 hours sleep per night. Sleep studies clearly prove this to be utter nonsense, in fact the more sleep a person gets, the less awake they feel when they eventually get-up.  

Having prolonged lay-ins actually has a very negative effect on your psychological state too, as you qucikly realise you've not enough hours left in the day to do all those chores, this puts many people in a mild state of panic.

While i'm not saying ditch the lay-ins completely (you don't need to go cold turkey, so don't worry), what I am saying is moderate it to 45-60 minutes maximum.

Life is for living not lying in bed!